Lalitya - by Mrs. Aruna Damle
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Mrs. Aruna Damle, immediately after her award-winning contribution in the form of "Marathi Chitrapat Sangitachi Vatchal", has presented yet another book 'LALITYA'. The book has all the trappings of a scholarly research that touch a number of facets of some outstanding films in Marathi and Hindi languages. The cultural canvas of Maharashtra has many a film that will survive the ravages of time. These timeless creations had an excellent imprint not only on the film connoisseurs of the golden past but also have held in store priceless memories for the posterity. Mrs. Damle takes a close look at the subtle intricacies of some masterpieces of the past and present and in the process makes an interesting attempt to bring to the fore a variety of factors, which made them a rich cultural heritage. She has covered a broad spectrum of films including some awesome creations from the Prabhat Films. The 'LALITYA' i.e. the intrinsic beauty of these masterly creations had a lot of fascinating frills. Mrs. Damle has taken painstaking efforts to highlight the "birth pangs" of some film, which have etched in the memory of film buffs forever.


A cinema on the screen is the manifestation of a strong theme, which becomes a focal point of a story. These stories usually have some social and religious contours. The translation of a story into a movie is a stupendous task that involves exquisite art, innovative techniques and extensive application of the Science of cinema. Effective dialogues, picturization of pertinent sequence of events, lyricist's innate acumen in giving meaningful songs and magical music capable of caressing the ears are the most essential segments of a film. The beauty of a film lies in achieving a perfect synthesis of all these components. Mrs. Damle has, through a number of studied observations, made conscientious efforts to understand the language of camera, which has doled out ageless creations. The projection of a women in her numerous roles has been the striking feature of the Indian cinema. The book 'LALITYA' has delicately touched upon the feminine artistry through some unique roles and characters of the heroines of yesteryears. The all-time great like 'SANT DNYANESHWAR', 'SANT TUKARAM', 'SHEJARI', 'KUNKU', and 'RAMSHASTRI', ETC., have been intricately interwoven in the social fabric of our society. These films have beamed strong and time-relevant messages, besides adding to our wonderful cultural heritage. The 'LALITYA' is not just the historical sketch of the Marathi and the Hindi films spanning a broad period over fifty years; it's more about their themes, stories, direction, music and messages, which ennobled them to a nicety and transcended the boundaries of mere entertainment. A number of such magnificent films, therefore, provide a vital link between the past and the future. The 'LALITYA' offers excellent linking lines for working the beauty of some classics, which will certainly reverberate in the hearts of the present and posterity.

  By Mrs. Aruna Damle
Anil Damle Publication
Pune - 4.