Prabhat's Memorabilia for Sale


The Prabhat Film Company have made available the following films in VHS format, for sale. These films are a landmark in the Indian film history and definitely are collector's item to any filmgoer. Also on sale are some of Prabhat's choicest Hindi films.


Keeping up pace with advancement in Technology, Prabhat Films have launched Video CD's, Audio CD's and Audio Cassettes for some of their choicest films.
Details of the same are available below


  List of Prabhat's Films 


Marathi Films on VHS Format with English Sub-Titles


  (Rs. 350/- Each)

  VH1  Sant Tukaram  
  VH2  Shejari  
  VH3  Sant Dnyaneshwar  
  VH4  Kunku  
  VH5  Ramshastri  

VHS format


Marathi Films

Hindi Films


( Rs. 225.00 each)

( Rs. 225.00 each)

   M1  Ayodhyecha Raja (1932) H1  Amrit Manthan (1934)  
   M2  Agni Kankan (1932)   H2  Rajput Ramani (1936)  
   M3  Maya Machindra (1932) H3  Amar Jyoti(1936)  
   M4  Sinhagad (1933)  H4  Duniya Na Mane(1937)  
   M5  Amrit Manthan (1934) H5  Wanha (1937)  
   M6  Chandrasena (1935) H6  Gopal Krishna (1938)  
   M7  Dharmatma (1935) H7  Aadami (1939)  
   M8  Sant Tukaram (1936) H8  Padosi (1941)  
   M9  Kunku (1937) H9  Nai Kahani(1943)  
   M10  Gopal Krishna (1938) H10  Aage Badho (1947)  
   M11  Maza Mulga (1938) H11  Seedha Rasta (1947)  
   M12  Manoos (1939) H12  Sant Janabai (1949)  
   M13  Sant Dnyaneshwar (1940) H13  Apradhi (1948)  
   M14  Shejari (1941)  
   M15  Sant Sakhu (1942)  
   M16  Daha Wajta (1942)  
   M17  Ramshastri (1944)  
  • Single Cassette Rs.225/-

  • Orders in more than 8 nos. Rs.220/- (Each)


 VCD Format


Marathi Films

Marathi Films
(With English Subtitles)

Hindi Films


( Rs. 250.00 each)

( Rs. 250.00 each)

( Rs. 250.00 each)

  VM1   Sant Tukaram


 Sant Tukaram VCE1  Rajput Ramani  
  VM2   Sant Dnyaneshwar VE2  Sant Dnyaneshwar VCE1  Amarjyoti  
  VM3   Shejari VE3  Shejari VCE3  Chand  
  VM4   Ramshastri VE4  Ramshastri VCE4  Apradhi  
  VM5   Gopalkrishna VE5  Kunku VCE5  Hum Ek Hain  
  VM6   Manoos VCE6  Vahan  
  VM7   Dharmatma VCE7  Aadmi  
  VM8   Kunku VCE8  Gopalkrishna  
  VM9  Sinhagad VCE9  Duniya Na Mane  
  VM10  Amrit Manthan VCE10  Padosi  
  VM11  Maya Machhindra  
  VM12  Chandrasena  
  VM13  Sant Sakhu  
  VM14  Maza Mulga  
  VM15  Daha Vajta  
  VM16  Ayodhyecha Raja  
  VM17  Agni Kankan  

Audio Formats


Audio CDs


  ( Rs. 150.00 each) ( Rs. 45.00 each)  
  AC1  Sant Tukaram & Sant Dnyaneshwar CS1  Sant Tukaram & Sant Dnyaneshwar  
  AC2  Dharmatma & Shejari CS2  Dharmatma & Shejari  

 Kunku, Manoos & Sinhagad (partly)

CS3  Kunku,Manoos & Sinhagad (partly).  

 Ramshastri,Gopalkrishna,Amritmanthan & Sinhagad (partly).

CS4  Ramshastri,Gopalkrishna,Amritmanthan & Sinhagad (partly).  

  • For Outstation Orders, Please Draw a DD in favor of M/s A.V Damle.  

  • Postage will be charged at actuals


Readers Treasure


   Lalitya  -  By Mrs. Aruna Damle (click for Book Review)


aruna_damle.jpg (56590 bytes)

Marathi Chitrapat Sangeetachi Watchal  By  Mrs. Aruna A. Damle

This book is about the beginning, development and progress made by Marathi cine music. It indicates the major mile-stones achieved over this period. It also highlights the significant contribution made by Music Directors towards these achievements.

Book Price  Rs. 200/-

Also available video cassette, containing clips of   background music and film songs.

Cassette Price Rs. 250/-    (Delivery charges extra)



Ek Hoti Prabhatnagari  By  Bapu Watwe

"Prabhat " was a golden period in the history of Indian Cinema. An institution which has made its own place in the cultural history is still remembered even after 40 years.

This book is all about the Prabhat Studio, Films made by Prabhat , memorable events during the making of these films and memories of those related to Prabhat.

Price Rs.400/-  Delivery Charges Extra

Bapu_watwe.jpg (42585 bytes)



For purchase of these Merchandise please contact on following Postal Addresses or Email


HH01580A.gif (1311 bytes)  Mumbai Address

Mr Y.V.Damle,
Prabhat View, 84-Lakhamsey Nappo Road,
Dadar, Mumbai 400014
Telephone No. 91-022-4145041

HH01580A.gif (1311 bytes)   Pune Address

M/S A.V.Damle
125/5, Prabhatnagar, Law College Road,
Opp. Film Institute, Pune 411004
Telephone No. 91-020-5433714   


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