Prabhat Film Company was one of the leading film producing companies of India.
Films produced by Prabhat have been classics of all times and are always looked upon as a distinguished part of India's Cinema Heritage.

Company produced six silent films. All of them had rich and impressive settings.
With advent of talkie, company produced five talkie films at Kolhapur.  In 1933,company built its well equipped studio at Pune which was the best studio in Asia.In all, Prabhat produced about 45 films in  Marathi and Hindi. Now, the "Film & Television Institute of India" is housed in Prabhat Campus.

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Baburao Painter (seated) with the partners of Prabhat: Sitaram Kulkarni, K. Dhaiber, S.Fatehlal with (seated on the carpet) V. Damle and V. Shantaram

In 1933,company moved to Pune and established its own and well equipped studio.
It was the biggest studio in Asia. By this time it had already established a reputation in the new-born world of the talkies and consolidated it with a succession of films which were applauded all over India.

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View of Prabhat Studio from Hanuman Tekdi in year of 1934

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Interior of the Main Studio



Pioneers in many technical aspects and always ready to introduce purposeful Inventions. Directors of Prabhat made films on a variety of subjects. Mythology, religion and history and above all contemporary social problems marked the wide scope of these themes. It must pointed out that, even when placed in mythological or historical times, Prabhat's films clearly echoed some relevant, contemporary, social situation.
One of the remarkable qualities of these films which contributed to their freshness was the large number of unknown stars which turned up, in the company of veterans, in each film. Also responsible for their high quality was dedicated group of technicians who specialized in each department of film production. Many of the stars and technicians branched out to make bigger conquests in later years but they are still proud of their association with Prabhat.
During the past 50 years, the Indian film industry has made tremendous advances. The Prabhat films can stand easily on their own in comparison with the best Indian product of later years. Together, they faithfully reflect Indian life and culture. On their recent screening for an entirely new generation of cinegoers, they were all received with unprecedented enthusiasm. This shows how well they sustain thematic technical interest even though more than a half of a century has gone by.



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